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Information about its female essence is quite timely as people are seriously considering a female president, abuse and rape make daily headlines, and women make only a fraction of the male earning for the same work – but are normally in the worst jobs.

This book shows the female as the principal actor in both the advancement and evolution of earth’s organisms. Scott shows the female is earth’s principal life form. Females survive better than males, most organisms are female, most can reproduce without a male, and they are the natural leaders and innovators.


Customer Reviews

Amazing work done by Dr. Irena Scott. This book provides extremely powerful insight into the animal world and how women in the human world are not treated with the same respect as men. The science goes to show why women like Hillary Clinton serve as incredible leaders and should be appreciated, not pitied, for the norms they are breaking!
Louis B. McConnell
A must read by my friend Irena Scott. Only by understanding and accepting our ape ancestry and civilization can we move past this “modern male” hegemony, war model. There’s no chance to revive the spirit of the Bonobo, but there are lessons still to be learned from our ancient females cousins.
Tamsin Leakey
Irena Scott’s Females Going Ape is an amazing book, one that makes you think more deeply than you ever have before about just who did what at the beginning of “civilization.” Men have long beat their breasts about all they’ve achieved, yet Dr. Scott’s evidence clearly shows it was women, not men, who drew the pictures on cave walls, who created medicines that saved lives, who found out important facts that have made life a bit easier for all. In addition to nurturing the men and children while they did these things.
Cornelia Parkinson
Anyone who reads the entire book, or just dips into it, will uncover astonishing bits of information that have usually been ascribed to some male, but in reality are the work of woman. For eons ours was a justifiably matrilineal society, until males decided they weren’t getting enough respect, and reinvented everything so as to cast discredit on women and to reflect glory on the other portion of the species. A 5-star review for Females Going Ape!
Dorothy J. Hornsby

About the Author

Dr. Irena Scott is an American author and physiologist. She received a BS from the Ohio State University, an MS from the University of Nevada, a PhD from the University of Missouri, and completed post-doctoral studies at Cornell University. She has been employed as an Assistant Professor at St. Bonaventure University, and has done research and teaching at the Ohio State University, the University of Missouri, the University of Nevada, and at Battelle Memorial Institute. She was a correspondent for Popular Mechanics magazine. She has continued to work in the fields of behavior, physiology, neurobiology, and ecology, and spent many years observing and studying the bonobos, the great apes, and many additional species. Because of this background, she can contribute a more generalized view of animal behavior than those in more specialized fields. Scott is the author of six books and has contributed chapters and articles to numerous scientific journals, magazines, and newspapers. Her listings include Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in the Midwest, and Who’s Who in Frontier Science and Technology.

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