Feminists Should Be Thanking Donald Trump

After this whirlwind of an election year is over, women will have one person to thank for throwing gender equality front and center in the political discussions of our time. The biggest irony is that that person is, perhaps, the biggest misogynist in the country. As feminists, we should be thanking Donald Trump.

Feminism was on the downward until Hillary Clinton came into the picture. A fashion trend that everyone could agree with but no one felt the need to ardently defend. Until this presidential campaign, the issues of women were largely swept under the rug. People would admit that equality is an issue but a minor one. After all, in our advanced, modern society how could anyone hold these despicable beliefs? How would feminists know they all need to ban together if it weren’t for this misogynistic person?

Trump is our perfect villain – the only thing missing is a mustache for him to twirl as he sits in his office in Trump Tower contemplating his next sexual conquest. Pretty much his favorite pastime is traumatizing and objectifying women.

The Miss Universe pageant is a perfect example of how Donald Trump demeans women. He makes them prance around in barely any clothing and ranks them according to their physical features. In his now famous Access Hollywood tapes we see how he talks about women. Viewing them as objects for the taking and  using his position as a powerful male to intimidate, coerce and bully woman

Feminism is more than a trend – it’s a belief and Donald Trump is attacking those beliefs. It’s up to women of the United States to ban together and prevent Donald Trump from sabotaging feminism. Unless you want your daughters raised in a country where they’re called pigs, pieces of ass, or a slob and it’s totally acceptable because the leader of the free world said the same things about women.

Females banning together to overthrow a man isn’t something new. In fact it’s well documented in the studies of primates. The bonobo tribe is a prime example of females running an entire society and keeping men in check. Females will engage in homosexual relationships and create strong emotional bonds just to keep a social dominance over males. They’ll even come together to forcibly remove violent and dangerous males from the group.  

Trump is the epitome of a dangerous male presenting a clear threat to not just women but perhaps our very democracy. If feminists don’t want Donald Trump in the Oval Office, then get out and exercise your right to protest. If there’s ever been a “woman card” it’s now. So play it. He’s been playing his “man card” the entire campaign. It’s time we take a page from our primate cousins and protect our society.

This man has shown us the misogyny is alive and well in the United States. A big “thank you” goes out to Donald Trump from feminists across the country. Thanks for really showing us that we don’t have to put up with your words. Thank you most of all for showing us what we have to band against and defeat.

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